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Fun Stuff

Million Clicks
How long will it take BrainBashers visitors to click the button 1,000,000 times?
List Of Numbers
An almost pointless task of generating the world's longest human generated random number.
How Old Are You?
How old are you? In seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.
Day Of The Week
Which day of the week were you born on?
A Billion Seconds Old?
When are you a billion seconds old?
Do Not Click
What can we say? Just don't click this link.
Concentration   [Updated]
Can you find the matching pairs?
Mind Reader
Let the computer guess your number.
Pointless Box
Just as the title says, it's a pointless box!
Maze Of Rooms
Find your way out of the maze of rooms.
Number Master
Can you determine the four digit code?
Internet Camera
Using the latest computer technology, the computer can now take your photo.
Follow Instructions?
Can you follow simple instructions?
Higher / Lower
Guess whether the next card is higher or lower.
Cross Colours
Starting with a grid of green, turn the grid red.
Colour Battle
What is the world's favourite colour?
A - Z
How quickly can you type the alphabet?
1 To 100
How quickly can you click the numbers from 1 to 100?
1...Million Dots
Can you visualise 1 to 1,000,000 dots?
Tower Of Hanoi
Will you help the priests move their disks?
Pick a card, any card, and be amazed as the computer guesses which card you picked.
Can You Find
How quickly can you find the hidden letters in this eye-straining puzzle?
What Can You See?
Can you find the hidden image in the jumbled text?
Rotate and scale the pieces to fit into the grid.
USA States Games
Guess the state from its outline.
Favourite Colour?
What is your favourite colour? Look at the current favourite from thousands of votes.
Who Turned To...?
Where did the missing person go?
Think Of A Number
Can the computer guess your number?
Prime Factor Clock
The time broken down into its prime factors.
31415 Digits Of Pi
Pi is 3.1415..., see the first 31415 digits.
10 Second Test
How accurately can you judge 10 seconds?
River Crossing Puzzles
Can you solve the various river crossing puzzles?
Twenty Levels
Can you solve the Twenty Levels quiz, a quiz with twenty levels.
Memory   [New]
Can you remember an ever increasing sequence of random letters and/or numbers?
Face Memory
How well can you remember faces?
Intelligence Test
Just how clever are you? Take the BrainBashers intelligence test.
Brain Training
A page collecting together items ideal for training your brain.
Fool's Test
Are you a fool?
Simpler Puzzles
Can't cope with the harder puzzles, then start here.
Reactions Test
How quickly can you click stop after the box changes colour?
Missing Square!
Rearrange the pieces to find the missing square.
Common Sense Test
How much common sense do you have?
Blank Page
This page has intentionally been left blank!
Say The Colour
Can you say the colour, sounds easy? Not so, your brain will get very confused!
Magic Cards
Be amazed as the computer guesses your card.
Knight's Tour
Can you move to every square of a chess board using the move of a knight?


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