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About BrainBashers

My name is Kevin Stone, I live in the UK, and I have had a love of puzzles for many years. BrainBashers has now been around for over 25 years(!), starting as Puzzles 4U in 1997, which became BrainBashers in 1998.

The site is now celebrating its 25th anniversary, and I have nearly finished the next phase - bringing back lots of the old content that I used to have. Have you found the hidden game? At the moment BrainBashers has 83,900 Japanese-type puzzles, 828 brain teasers, 210 illusions, 33 stereograms, 1,098 30 Seconds puzzles, and 1,831 mazes!

Historical Image 1997

Puzzles4U - September 1997

The creation of the website that soon became BrainBashers. The first design was very simple and set the trend for blue for the next 13 years.

Historical Image 1998

BrainBashers - October 1998

12 months later and the design had to reflect the new name and the increasing content.

Historical Image 1999

BrainBashers - September 1999

The first design by John Morton, as the internet was speeding up, graphics were the future. Many sections of BrainBashers began to have a proper home.

Historical Image 2003

BrainBashers - January 2003

Another design by John Morton brought the site into the 21st century and set a look that would last the next 7 years.

Historical Image 2010

BrainBashers - May 2010

This was a minor change on one hand, as the main content remained the same, but a large one on the other as the main blue on the left and top was removed. This brought the site up-to-date in terms of freshness, speed, and simplicity.

Historical Image 2022

BrainBashers - September 2022

The site was now 25 years old. The site was modified to make it much more friendly for mobile / cell phone users, and users with smaller screens. Accessibility was also improved.


Note: BrainBashers has a Dark Mode setting.