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These are the most recent illusions, and other items that are new or updated. The most recent 15 of each.

Puzzles / Misc

Brain Teasers
Updated in the last 7 days. New / updated puzzles every 2 weeks.
Random Page / Puzzle
New in the last 14 days. Solve a random Japanese-type logic puzzle, or solve a random brain teaser, or di
A stereogram is a 3D picture within a picture.
Face Memory
How well can you remember a face?
Plus Colours Game
Can you turn the grid green?
8 Queens Puzzle
Can you place 8 queens on a chess board?
Sudoku Answer
The 'answer' option for Sudoku has been updated.
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Dark Mode
Dark Mode for BrainBashers
Number Master
Can you determine the four digit code?
How Old Are You?
In seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.
Pick-A-Card Magic Trick
Pick a card, and be amazed as the computer guesses what you picked.
Higher Lower 52
Given 52 cards, can you guess if the next cards are higher or lower?
Higher Lower 13
Guess if the next card is higher or lower.
Day Of The Week
On which day of the week were you born?


Right Angles?
New illusion in the last 7 days. Are any of the four intersections at right angles?
Same Distance
Are the pairs of dots the same distance apart?
Bezold Effect
How many shades of red are there?
Delboeuf Illusion
Are the inner circles the same size?
Illusion Vortex
Does the centre rotate?
Impossible Boxes?
Could this structure be made?
Pattern Distortion
Does the pattern distort?
Same Distances?
Are the circles the same distance apart?
Same Size?
Do these shapes get larger or smaller?
Does this read southeast or northwest?
Same Size?
Are they the same size?
Does the semicircle really exist?
Height And Width
Is the height the same as the width?
Raised Buttons
How many raised buttons when rotated?
3D Cubes
Are there six cubes popping out?

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