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New And Updated Stuff 

These are the most recent illusions, and other items that are new or updated. The most recent 15 of each.

Puzzles / Misc 

Brain Teasers
Updated in the last 7 days. New / updated brain teasers twice a month.
Spider & Fly
New in the last 7 days. How can the spider catch the fly?
Hidden Game – 3
Can you find the hidden game?
Sequences Quest
A quest of twenty sequences.
10 Seconds Click
How many times can you click the box in 10 seconds?
Bowl Of Gems
A stereogram is a 3D picture within a picture.
Reverse Text
Reverse text and create a palindrome.
Odd One Out
Can you find the out one out?
Daily BB Words
Can you find today's words?
Time Zone
Alter when the daily items change by setting your local time zone.
Typing Test – A To Z
How quickly can you type the alphabet?
Typing Test – Z To A
How quickly can you type the alphabet backwards?
Can You Find?
How quickly can you find the hidden characters?
Brain Teasers – Print
Added a print option to each brain teaser.
Random Page / Puzzle
Discover a random Japanese-type logic puzzle, brain teaser, or optical illusion.


Hidden 8
Can you find the hidden 8?
In the middle?
Is the line in the middle of the gap?
Same Distance?
Same distance between the dots?
Eye Direction
In which direction are the eyes looking?
Glowing Center
Does the centre glow?
Two Squares?
Are these squares the same size?
Impossible Shape
Can this shape be made?
Size Distortion
Are the cars the same size?
Bezold Effect
How many shades of green are there?
Orbison Illusion
Is this a true square?
Fraser Spiral
Is this a real spiral?
Blue Or Yellow?
Blue on yellow, or yellow on blue?
Ring Illusion
Is each half of the ring the same colour?
Colourful Bird?
Is this a colourful bird?
Contrast Illusion
Are the blocks the same colour?

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