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New And Updated Stuff 

These are the most recent illusions, and other items that are new or updated. The most recent 15 of each.

Puzzles / Misc 

Brain Teasers
Updated in the last 7 days. New / updated brain teasers twice a month.
Bowl Of Gems
New stereogram in the last 14 days. A stereogram is a 3D picture within a picture.
Reverse Text
Reverse text and create a palindrome.
Odd One Out
Can you find the out one out?
Hidden Game - 2
Can you find the hidden game?
Daily BB Words
Can you find today's words?
Time Zone
Alter when the daily items change by setting your local time zone.
Typing Test - A To Z
How quickly can you type the alphabet?
Typing Test - Z To A
How quickly can you type the alphabet backwards?
Can You Find?
How quickly can you find the hidden characters?
Brain Teasers - Print
Added a print option to each brain teaser.
Random Page / Puzzle
Discover a random Japanese-type logic puzzle, brain teaser, or optical illusion.
Typing Test - 5-Letters
How many 5-letter words can you type in 30 seconds?
Magic Cards
Be amazed as the computer guesses your card!
1 To 100
How quickly can you click the numbers from 1 to 100?


Impossible Shape
Can this shape be made?
Size Distortion
Are the cars the same size?
Bezold Effect
How many shades of green are there?
Orbison Illusion
Is this a true square?
Fraser Spiral
Is this a real spiral?
Blue Or Yellow?
Blue on yellow, or yellow on blue?
Ring Illusion
Is each half of the ring the same colour?
Colourful Bird?
Is this a colourful bird?
Same Distance?
Is A to B the same distance as B to C?
Contrast Illusion
Are the blocks the same colour?
Glass Illusion?
Which line continues the straw?
Lined Up Lines?
Are the lines lined up?
Do the circles lie on a curve?
Bourdon Illusion
Does the straight line bend?
What Colour Letters?
What colour are the letters of BrainBashers?

Note: BrainBashers has a Dark Mode setting.