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My name is Kevin Stone, I live in the UK, and I have had a love of puzzles for a very long time. BrainBashers has now been around for over 25 years(!), starting as Puzzles 4U in 1997, which became BrainBashers in 1998. mailto:

Note: check your spam / junk folder for my reply - I usually check my emails on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

This email address occasionally changes, and the old one then stops working, so please only use the one that appears here.

Sending me an email gives me permission to receive and store your email, and for me to contact you to reply to your email. The content of your email will only be used by me, and only in relation to your email. I will never sell / transfer / give away / etc any information to third parties - however I will disclose any required information available if legally obligated.

Problem With BrainBashers? 

If you are having a problem with BrainBashers, I'd be grateful if you could:

  1. wait a few minutes and then try again,
  2. force your browser to refresh the page (usually CTRL + F5 on Windows),
  3. close all of your programs / apps and restart your computer / device / etc.

If this doesn't help then:

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