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[Updated] Brain Teasers

BrainBashers™ is a collection of brain teasers & Japanese-type puzzles, optical illusions, and other fun stuff.

BrainBashers has items such as: Daily BB Words, logic puzzles, Sudoku, stereograms, magic games, memory games, mazes, typing tests, and so much more. Including a pointless box and a blank page!

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[Updated] Brain Teasers

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Daily Puzzle - Sep 22 

Bungled Heist - Logic Puzzles

After a local bungled heist, five suspects were being interviewed by the police.

Eventually, the police managed to get a confession.

Below is a summary of their statements and it turns out that exactly 5 of these statements were true.

Would you make a good detective, try and work out who committed the crime?
Alex said:
It wasn't Brook
It was Charlie

Brook said:
It wasn't Alex
It was Dale

Charlie said:
It wasn't Dale
It wasn't Brook

Dale said:
It wasn't Emery
It was Alex

Emery said:
It wasn't Charlie
It was Dale

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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