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Slant Puzzles Help

Rules / Objectives Summary

  • Replace every cross with a slanted line.
  • The clues tell you how many slanted lines point at the clue.
  • Loops are not allowed.

See the Walkthrough for extra tips and tricks, and the extra note for the Loop Rule.

Slant Puzzle

What are the numbers for?
These tell us how many slanted lines meet at each point.

Move your mouse over the puzzle to see the answer.

Loop Rule

  • Loops are not allowed.
Loop Example 1 Loop Example 2 Loop Example 3

Loop Example 4


Help 1

Step 1
This is the start of the puzzle.

Solve this puzzle for yourself at the same time.

Help 2

Step 2
Any 0 clue must have slanted lines that do not point towards the clue. You can then click the clues to indicate you've completed them.

Help 3

Step 3
1 clues in a corner can only be completed in one way.

Help 4

Step 4
2 clues along an edge can only be completed one way.

Help 5

Step 5
This clue is now complete, and the other two slanted lines can only completed in one way.

Help 6

Step 6
This clue can only be completed in one way.

Help 7

Step 7
This clue can only be completed in one way.

Help 8

Step 8
Loops are not allowed, so this cross cannot slant this way, otherwise a loop would be formed.

Help 9

Step 9
This clue is complete, and the puzzle completes.

Help 10

Step 10
The completed puzzle.


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