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Today's Sudoku Puzzles 

Note: take a look at the information about the difficulty levels.

All daily items change at midnight GMT - set your local time zone.


Objective / Rules
Complete the grid such that every row, every column, and every 3x3 block contains the numbers from 1 to 9.
Sudoku is a game of logic and no mathematics is required to solve the puzzles.

Read the help page on Sudoku puzzles for a more detailed explanation.

Pencil Marks
What is a pencil mark? Pencil marks can help you keep track of your own thinking, simply enter more than one digit / letter into each square, just like you might do if you were using pen and paper. The size of the digits / letters is smaller when there is more than one digit / letter in a square. A square might contain more pencil mark digits / letters than can be shown.

Note: only when supported by your computer / device / browser / etc (and only when your cursor is in the grid).
a = auto-pencil marks (or click the 'pencil' button).
p = show a pinned square.
CTRL + arrows = move around the grid (you might need to press SHIFT as well).
SHIFT + digit = highlight all squares with that digit [SHIFT + 0 to clear].

Only BrainBashers Sudoku can be printed (the starting grid, without pencil marks).

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