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Today's Net Slide Puzzles 

Note: take a look at the information about the difficulty levels.

All daily items change at midnight GMT – set your local time zone.


Objective / Rules
Unscramble and complete the network.
The completed puzzle is a single network of computers.
Every computer is connected to every other computer and every square is used in the network.

Read the help / walkthrough page on Net Slide puzzles for a more detailed explanation and a walkthrough.

Clicking an arrow will move that row or column in the direction of the arrow.

If you click 'check' the system will check the current state of the network and show you which parts of the network are correctly positioned.

Show correct squares
When clicked the system will behave as though you've clicked 'check' after every slide.

Due to the nature of the puzzle, there might be more than one answer for some of the puzzles. The other answers might be part reflections or rotations of each other. So any answer that satisfies the rules is allowed, but the system will only check against one answer.

Medium, Hard, Very Hard
Even the medium puzzles are actually quite tricky. Hard puzzles also wrap off the edge of the grid, right to left, bottom to top, etc. Medium and hard puzzles do not wrap and have internal barriers (marked in red), that the network cannot cross.

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