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Daily Maze Of Rooms

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Solve a random Easy - Medium - Hard Japanese-type logic puzzle chosen from today's collection.

Jan 25 - 6 x 6
Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone


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Today's Puzzles

3 x 3 Easy
4 x 4 Easy
5 x 5 Medium
6 x 6 Hard
7 x 7 Weekly Special

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Objective / Rules
Can you help the mouse, and find the cheese in the final room? There are 36 rooms in this maze - and only one of them has the cheese.

Simply keep clicking a mouse, until you find the cheese. Or until you find the surprise! The maze remains the same for each puzzle, so try to remember where you clicked last time! If you get stuck in a loop you will have to restart.

8 x 8 Special
I have also created a single 8 x 8 puzzle that might take more than 1 attempt!

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