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Help – Sudoku Pinned Squares 

Read the Sudoku help page for the rules, and the techniques potentially required to solve BrainBashers Sudoku.

A pinned square is one where it is the only square where a particular digit can go in a row, column or 3x3 block and is basically the full version of intersections. Pencil marks are not required to use this technique, but sometimes they make it easier to see a pinned square.

Pinned Squares 1
For example looking at the <5> in R1C1 and R4C4 we can see that <5> is pinned to R2C8 as this is the only square in R2 where <5> can go.

Although not highlighted, <5> is also pinned to R3C6 as it is the only square in Block2 where <5> can go.

Pinned Squares 2
Using 'show squares with a pencil mark' and selecting <1>, it is clear that R9C5 must be a <1>.

It is the only place the <1> can go in Block8 and so <1> is pinned to R9C5.

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