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Help – Sudoku Locked Sets 

Read the Sudoku help page for the rules, and the techniques potentially required to solve BrainBashers Sudoku.

A Locked Pair is 2 digits that occur in 2 squares in the same row, column or 3 × 3 block. A set could also contain 2, 3, 4, digits in 2, 3, 4 squares (etc).

Locked Sets 1
R5C1 and R6C1 both contain <18>, which means that they MUST be either <1> and <8>, or <8> and <1>.

Either way around means that R4C1 cannot be an <8>.

Similarly this applies to every other <1> and <8> in C1 and Block4, which can therefore be removed.

Locked Sets 2
A locked set may contain any number of digits, for example R6 contains <467> in three squares, and again, no matter which way around the digits actually go, R6C3 cannot be a <4> or <6> (and is therefore <5>).

Locked Sets 3
Block6 contains <169> in three squares, so all remaining <1>, <6> & <9> can be removed from Block6.

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