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BrainBashers QR Hunt #1

QR Hunt

Welcome to the first BrainBashers QR Hunt.

What is a QR code? A QR code is a matrix-type barcode, or two-dimensional barcode, readable by QR barcode readers and many modern camera phones. The code consists of black patterns arranged in a square formation on a white background. Many apps are available that enable mobile/cell phones to read QR codes, and the information encoded can be text, a URL or similar information.

Hidden within the BrainBashers website are seven QR codes, each of which is a letter of a 7-letter word. When you have found all 7 letters you will have an anagram of the hidden word - what is the word?

When you've found all 7 letters, simply send us an email with your answer, along with your name and country, and if your answer is correct we'll add your name to the list below.

Congratulations to...

  • Dave Man, UK.
  • David Button, USA.
  • Jeremy Cummings, USA.
  • Dan Therrien, USA.
  • Rana Gordji, USA.
  • Brian Federkins, USA.
  • Steven Fortier, USA.
  • Ray Mullen, USA.
  • Zach Fiskin, USA.
  • Andrew Lepire, USA.
  • Daan Pluister, Netherlands.



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