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Help – Tracks 

Objectives / Rules

See the Basic Ideas or Walkthrough below for extra tips and tricks.

Tracks Puzzle
What are the numbers for?
These tell you how many track pieces there are in the rows and columns.

Click or move your mouse over the puzzle to see the answer.

Basic Ideas 

Clicking a track square will place either an unknown track piece or a cross.
Clicking between the squares will force a track direction, once there are exactly two track directions the system will place the correct track piece. Note: the track piece cannot be changed if there are exactly two track directions.
There is only one start and one end to the track.


Help 1
Step 1
This is the start of the puzzle.

Solve this puzzle for yourself at the same time.

Help 2
Step 2
As this is 4 × 4 puzzle we know that every square in these columns is a track piece (but we're not yet sure in which direction). Clicking the squares will place an unknown track piece.

Help 3
Step 3
As this is a corner square, there is only one possible direction for the track to take, so we can click between the track squares to force the direction.

Help 4
Step 4
Forcing the corner direction means that the track must leave the corner to the right, which means that this 1 clue is now satisfied and all of the other squares in this column cannot be track pieces, so we can place an X in each.

Help 5
Step 5
These clues can only be satisfied in one way, so we can place track pieces and X's as required.

Help 6
Step 6
The track can only go one way through these squares.

Help 7
Step 7
The track can only go one way through these squares.

Help 8
Step 8
The track can only go one way through this square, and the puzzle completes.

Help 9
Step 9
The completed puzzle.

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