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Help – Tents 

Objectives / Rules

See the Basic Ideas or Walkthrough below for extra tips and tricks.

Tents Puzzle

What are the numbers for?
These tell you how many tents there are in the rows and columns.

Click or move your mouse over the puzzle to see the answer.

Basic Ideas 

The numbers across the top and down the side tell you how many tents are in the respective row or column.
Each tree has one tent attached (either horizontally or vertically), and each tent is attached to only one tree. However, a tent may be next to more than one tree.
A tent can only be found horizontally or vertically next to the tree it's attached to.
Tents are never next to each other, neither vertically, horizontally, nor diagonally.
Any row / column with a 0 clue means that there are no tents in that row / column.

Any square that is not next to a tree cannot be a tent.

Therefore these squares can all be marked as grass.


Help 1
Step 1
This is the start of the puzzle.

Solve this puzzle for yourself at the same time.

Help 2
Step 2
From the 0 clues, these rows and columns cannot have any tents, so all of these squares are grass.

Help 3
Step 3
These squares have no trees available for tents, so they must all be grass.

Help 4
Step 4
This is the only available place for the tree in Row 5, we can also tick the tree just above it to show that we've dealt with it.

Help 5
Step 5
These are the only squares for the tents in Column 1.

Help 6
Step 6
This square must be grass as the tree next to it already has its tent.

Help 7
Step 7
This square must be the remaining tent in Row 1.

Help 8
Step 8
We've found all of the tents for Column 5, so this square must be grass.

Help 9
Step 9
This square must be a tent to satisfy both Row 3 and Column 3.

Help 10
Step 10
The completed puzzle.

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