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Puzzle ZSXK 


Marathon Warm-up - Logic Puzzles

After the recent BrainBashers annual marathon, the judges were comparing notes to determine who finished where. From their notes, can you help them to reconstruct the final result?
Max Merrymood beat Toby Trent and Jesse James.

Pat Piper beat Jesse James, Toby Trent, and Alex Ardle.

Zeb Zebra lost to Pat Piper.

Glenn Goodfellow beat Toby Trent

Zeb Zebra beat Frankie Flint.

Glenn Goodfellow lost to Frankie Flint and Pat Piper.

Toby Trent beat Blake Brick.

Alex Ardle beat Zeb Zebra, Kelly Kingfisher, and Glenn Goodfellow.

Kelly Kingfisher lost to Glenn Goodfellow and Max Merrymood.

Blake Brick beat Kelly Kingfisher.

Max Merrymood lost to Alex Ardle and Zeb Zebra.

Frankie Flint beat Toby Trent, Max Merrymood, and Blake Brick.

Toby Trent lost to Jesse James and Alex Ardle.

Jesse James beat Glenn Goodfellow and Blake Brick.

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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Pat Piper
 Alex Ardle
  Zeb Zebra
   Frankie Flint
    Max Merrymood
     Jesse James
      Glenn Goodfellow
       Toby Trent
        Blake Brick
         Kelly Kingfisher


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