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Puzzle ZJXK 


I recently gave a new watch to my friend for their birthday.

However, as usual with my presents, it was quite useless as it gains 6 minutes every hour.

I set it using my own accurate clock at midnight and the watch now shows 8.26am.

I know that it stopped 30 minutes ago, so what is the correct time now?

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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The watch now shows 8.26am, so we know that 506 watch minutes have passed.

Since the watch is gaining 6 minutes every hour, for every real hour that has passed the watch will show 66 minutes.

So, 506 ÷ 66 ≈ 7.666 real hours have passed.

This equals 460 minutes, which is 7 hours and 40 minutes (7:40am).

The watch stopped 30 minutes ago, therefore the time must now be 8.10am.


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