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Puzzle ZZJG 


A very long time ago, at the beginning of the week, I was given some money for my birthday.

On Monday, I spent a quarter of the money on clothes.

On Tuesday, I spent one third of the remaining money on music.

On Wednesday, I spent half of the remaining money on food.

Finally, on Thursday, I spent the last £1.25 on a book.

How much birthday money did I receive?

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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Working backwards:

On Thursday, I had £1.25.

On Wednesday, I had £1.25 x (1 ÷ one half) = £2.50.

On Tuesday, I had £2.50 x (1 ÷ two thirds) = £3.75.

On Monday, I had £3.75 x (1 ÷ three quarters) = £5.00.


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