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My local bus company has recently expanded and no longer has enough room inside its garage for all of its buses.

Twelve of their buses have to be stored outside.

If they decide to increase their garage space by 40% they will have enough room for all of their current buses, plus enough room to store another twelve in the future.

How many buses does the company currently own?

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72 buses.

If they increase the garage space by 40% this will give them enough room to hold the 12 buses that are currently outside, plus 12 more buses in the future.

Therefore, the 40% increase is enough space for 24 buses.

This means that 40% of the current garage capacity is 24 buses.

So 10% of the current garage capacity is 6 buses.

And 100% of the current garage capacity is 60 buses.

If we add the 12 buses stored outside we have a total of 72 buses.

They currently have 72 buses, 12 of which are outside, so 60 are inside. Increasing their garage space (60 buses) by 40% will give room for 84 buses. Which is the 72 they currently have, with spaces for 12 more buses in the future. This confirms the answer.


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