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Marathon Warm-up - Logic Puzzles

After the recent BrainBashers annual marathon, the judges were comparing notes to determine who finished where. From their notes, can you help them to reconstruct the final result?
  • Max Merrymood beat Toby Trent and Jesse James.
  • Pat Piper beat Jesse James, Toby Trent and Alex Ardle.
  • Zeb Zebra lost to Pat Piper.
  • Glenn Goodfellow beat Toby Trent
  • Zeb Zebra beat Frankie Flint.
  • Glenn Goodfellow lost to Frankie Flint and Pat Piper.
  • Toby Trent beat Blake Brick.
  • Alex Ardle beat Zeb Zebra, Kelly Kingfisher and Glenn Goodfellow.
  • Kelly Kingfisher lost to Glenn Goodfellow and Max Merrymood.
  • Blake Brick beat Kelly Kingfisher.
  • Max Merrymood lost to Alex Ardle and Zeb Zebra.
  • Frankie Flint beat Toby Trent, Max Merrymood and Blake Brick.
  • Toby Trent lost to Jesse James and Alex Ardle.
  • Jesse James beat Glenn Goodfellow and Blake Brick.

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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