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Puzzle ZNQL 


DJ Music Festival - Logic Puzzles

During a recent music festival, four DJs entered the mixing contest.

Each wore a number, either 1, 2, 3 or 4 and their decks were different colours.

DJ Skinf Lint came first, and only one DJ wore the same number as the position he finished in.
DJ Slam Dunk wore number 1.
The DJ who wore number 2 had a red deck and DJ Jam Jar didn't have a yellow deck.
The DJ who came last had a blue deck.
DJ Park'n Ride beat DJ Slam Dunk.
The DJ who wore number 1 had a green deck and the DJ who came second wore number 3.
Can you determine who came where, which number they wore and the colour of their deck?

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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A little logic is required.


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