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Puzzle ZIJL 


Below are thirteen 5-letter words, each of which has had two of its letters removed.

In total, these 26 letters are A to Z.

The remaining letters in each word are in the correct order.

There are no words that are spelled differently based on location (favour / favor, etc) and there are no plurals.

Can you find the original words?
aae ave uie gon pot vie act met bep uge lan rae bon

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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a-a-e = amaze (MZ) --ave = brave (BR) -uie- = quiet (QT) --gon = wagon (WA) p--ot = pivot (IV) vi-e- = vixen (XN) -ac-t = yacht (YH) --met = comet (CO) b--ep = bleep (LE) -u-ge = judge (JD) -lan- = flank (FK) -ra-e = grape (GP) bon-- = bonus (US)


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