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Puzzle ZADD 


These five business people represented different companies at a recent trade fair. Unfortunately, the hotel they were all due to stay in had accidentally double booked their rooms. They tried other hotels in the area but all were fully booked. Consequently, they all agreed to share the only two rooms available in the hotel – one twin and one triple.

From the clues, can you work out each person's name, company and official title?

When the five realised their dilemma, they drew straws to see who would share with whom. The outcome for four of them was that the CEO shared with the business person from ABM Inc. and Glenn shared with the Developer.
Alex does not work for Reed Right and is not the Director. The Director does not work for Lantel or Blue Teeth.
Neither Clarkson nor Grimaldi works for Reed Right. Grimaldi is either the IT Analyst or the CEO.
The business person from Reed Right did not share a room with Taylor.
Clarkson, who does not work for Lantel, shared with either Taylor or Grimaldi but not both.
Glenn's surname is either Casson or Graves. Glenn did not share with Charlie.
The business person from Chiptech shared with the business person from Lantel.
The CEO shared with the IT Analyst.
Casson works for either Blue Teeth or Chiptech.
Neither Jesse nor Alex works for ABM Inc.
Fielder shared with the Director.
The business person from Blue Teeth shared with the Developer. First names : Alex, Charlie, Glenn, Jesse, Taylor.
Last names  : Casson, Clarkson, Fielder, Graves, Grimaldi.
Company     : ABM Inc., Blue Teeth, Chiptech, Lantel, Reed Right.
Position    : Accountant, CEO, Developer, Director, IT Analyst.

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