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Mixed Hurdle Trials - Logic Puzzles

At the recent BrainBashers Mixed National Hurdle trials, ten contestants competed for the coveted BB Shield. There were numerous judges who made sure that the results were accurate, from their notes can you determine who finished where?

Ivor Bigfoot finished before May Eye and Mike Stup whilst Leigh Vamessage was victorious over May Eye and Laura DeLand.
Jack Pott was beaten by Jerry Atric, Mike Stup and Al Beback.
Laura DeLand was beaten by Mike Stup, May Eye and Ivor Bigfoot, whereas Joe King beat Jerry Atric and Jack Pott but lost to Laura DeLand and Inga Hootz.
Leigh Vamessage was beaten by Ivor Bigfoot and Inga Hootz.
Inga Hootz was beaten by Al Beback, who, in turn, lost to Ivor Bigfoot, but beat Jerry Atric and Jack Pott.
May Eye finished ahead of Mike Stup and Jerry Atric, who lost to Leigh Vamessage and Inga Hootz.

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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