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Puzzle ZCIK 


Stacey's Cinema Outing - Logic Puzzles

Just last week, Stacey's nieces and nephews met up to go to the cinema to see the latest blockbuster.

From the clues below, can you determine the order in which they stood in the ticket queue?
Sam was in front of Sarah. Stuart was behind Sandra, and Sally. Sally was in front of Sharon, and Steve. Sabrina was behind Stuart, Simon, and Steve. Steve was in front of Sabrina, Simon, and Shane. Shane was behind Simon, Sharon, and Sabrina. Sandra was in front of Sarah. Simon was in front of Sam, Stuart, and Sandra. Sarah was in front of Sharon. Sabrina was in front of Sam, and Shane. Sarah was behind Sandra, Sally, and Sabrina. Stuart was in front of Sarah. Simon was behind Sally.

Puzzle Copyright © Kevin Stone

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