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Help – Light Up 

Objectives / Rules

See the Getting Started section below for extra tips and tricks.

Light Up Puzzle

What are the numbers for?
Each number tells us how many Lights surround that square.

Click or move your mouse over the puzzle to see the answer.

Getting Started 

Help 1
Step 1
This is the start of the puzzle.

Solve this puzzle for yourself at the same time.

Help 2
Step 2
None of these squares can be Lights as they all surround 0 clues.

Help 3
Step 3
These are the only three squares that can satisfy the 3 clue.

Help 4
Step 4
This is the only square that can light the indicated square.

The puzzle is now well on its way to completion.

Note: 'show dots on lit squares' has been ticked / checked to make lit squares easier to see.

Note: BrainBashers has a Dark Mode setting.