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Difficulty: Medium

Puzzle 116

The BrainBashers mechanical computer is a very sensitive device, in consists of four sequential cog wheels which are in constant mesh.

The largest cog has 63 teeth and the others have 42, 35 and 27 respectively.

By accident, Daniel started to rotate the largest cog.

How many revolutions must he rotate the largest cog make before the computer is back in its starting position with all of the cogs where they started?

Puzzle Cogs

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[Ref: ZTLC] © Kevin Stone 

Difficulty: Easy

Puzzle 117

RunningThe recent BrainBashers annual marathon has just taken place. The judges have given up keeping a track of who won, as the results go missing each year. Using the following spectators' notes, can you determine who finished where?

Terry Tipton finished after Lisa Limperton and Betty Brent, but before Michael Miller.

Paul Peterson finished before David Dartford and Lisa Limperton.

Simone Stevens finished after Paul Peterson and before Jane Jacks and Helen Hall.

Kenny Kirkpatrick finished after Paul Peterson, Michael Miller and Terry Tipton.

Lisa Limperton finished after Betty Brent and David Dartford, but before Jane Jacks and Michael Miller.

Michael Miller finished after Simone Stevens and Betty Brent.

Betty Brent finished before Jane Jacks, Michael Miller and Paul Peterson.

David Dartford finished before Kenny Kirkpatrick and Terry Tipton, but after Simone Stevens.

Jane Jacks finished before Kenny Kirkpatrick, Terry Tipton and Michael Miller, but after Paul Peterson and David Dartford.

Helen Hall finished before Michael Miller but after Lisa Limperton, Jane Jacks and Terry Tipton.

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[Ref: ZISK] © Kevin Stone 

Difficulty: Medium

Puzzle 118

Below are ten words, from each word, remove a single letter and rearrange the remaining letters to find ten new words which are related to each other.


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[Ref: ZIRD] © Kevin Stone 

Difficulty: Easy

Puzzle 119

What is represented by this BrainBat?


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[Ref: ZKNH]  

Difficulty: Easy

Puzzle 120

Using the BrainTracker grid below, how many words can you find? Each word must contain the central G and no letter can be used twice, however, the letters do not have to be connected. Proper nouns are not allowed, however, plurals are. Can you find the nine letter word?

Excellent: 18 words. Good: 15 words. Average: 13 words.


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[Ref: ZDSY] © Kevin Stone 

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