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This page has items that are new, updated, or featured. Some items can be found on BrainBashers Games (BBG) or are an external link (BB), otherwise they are part of BrainBashers.

Featured Games

The majority of these games will take you to the BrainBashers Games website.


Daily Kakuro  
Numerical crossword where you fill all of the blank squares in the grid with the numbers 1-9.


Daily Net Slide  
Slide all of the squares to reconnect the network.



Common Answers  
Compete with the rest of the world by predicting the most common answers to 10 easy questions.


Eureka Cartoon  
Can you guess the caption to the cartoon.


Can you find the two identical penmen?


Can you deduce or guess the made up word or phrase?


Daily Hitori  
Eliminate numbers until there are no duplicates in any row or column.


Daily Nurikabe  
Find all of the islands in the ocean.


Number Master  
Can you determine the four digit code?


Can you Zap all of the meanies?


Monthly logic puzzle with numbers, a little like Sudoku.


Can you figure out the common object from the uncommon photograph.


Can you figure out which country has this flag?


Can you guess who the celebrity is from just their eyes?


Daily Bridges  
Can you lay all of the bridges between the islands?

New Illusions


Growing A?  





Following Eyes  


Cube Pop?  


Glass Half Full?  


One, Two, Three?  


Impossible Staircase?  


Disappearing Stars  


In Or Out?  


Straight Rope?  


Straight Lines?  


Emotional Face  


Straight Diagonals?  


Same Eyes?  


Same Circles?  

New Misc


Brain Teasers / Puzzles 
5 new/updated, twice a month.


Survey Results [Latest 10,000 ]  


A - Z  


Million Clicks  


QOW - View All  


Twenty Questions  


Word Battle  


Attention Test  


1 To 100  


Fractals [4 New]  


Stereograms [3 New]  


QR Hunt  


Colour Battle  


Random Japanese-Type Logic Puzzle  


Random Page  


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