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Common Answers

Have you entered August's Common Answers?

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This page has items that are new, updated, or featured. Some items can be found on BrainBashers Games (BBG) or are an external link (BB), otherwise they are part of BrainBashers.

Featured Games

The majority of these games will take you to the BrainBashers Games website.


Go Squirrel  
Join the squirrel on her psychedelic journey high into the sky!!!


Square Man  
Very square platform game!



Daily Light Up  
Light up the grid with lots of light bulbs.


Daily Slitherlink  
Create a continuous loop around the grid following the clues given.


Monthly logic puzzle with numbers, a little like Sudoku.


Can you guess the common object from the uncommon photograph.


Can you guess the year that these events took place?


Can you guess which country this is?


Can you guess who the famous person is?


Think you can park a caravan? Think again!


Build and govern Dotville. Your main goal is to keep the dots happy.


Daily Neighbours  
Complete the grid, using each number once per row/column, whilst following the neighbours symbols.


Daily Network  
Rotate all of the squares to reconnect the network.


Guess The Number #175  
Can you guess the number we've chosen?


Common Answers  
Compete with the rest of the world by predicting the most common answers to 10 easy questions.

New Illusions


What Am I?  



False Perspective  


How Many Cubes?  


Hidden Faces  






Growing A?  




Following Eyes  


Cube Pop?  


Glass Half Full?  


One, Two, Three?  


Impossible Staircase?  


Disappearing Stars  


In Or Out?  

New Misc


Brain Teasers / Puzzles 
5 new/updated, twice a month.


Daily Puzzle Email  


1...Million Dots  


Survey Results [Latest 10,000]  


Million Clicks  


A - Z  


QOW - View All  


Twenty Questions  


Word Battle  


Attention Test  


1 To 100  


Fractals [4 New]  


Stereograms [3 New]  


QR Hunt  


Colour Battle  


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