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About BrainBashers

Kevin StoneBrainBashers was founded in 1997 by Kevin Stone who lives in a village near the centre of England. Kevin has had a love of puzzles since a very early age and he started to write puzzles when he was twelve.

BrainBashers grew from a small website, to the one you see today. The BrainBashers team enjoys the many comments they receive, and enjoys creating exciting and interesting puzzles.

BrainBashers puzzles have featured in newspapers, national magazines, local newsletters and blackboards all over the world. They have also appeared in many books. Many world-wide events have used the puzzles to entertain their attendees.

Kevin was commissioned to write and compile puzzles for a national UK newspaper, The Express, for six months, and a result a local newspaper, The Sentinel, ran a full page spread on BrainBashers. BrainBashers puzzles have also appeared in a number of other national UK newspapers including The Guardian and The Times. The BrainBashers team is happy to provide a quote for puzzle compilation for any use.

?The same team also helps to run other websites including:

  • BrainBashers Games : A collection of excellent games brought together under the BrainBashers umbrella.

  • Mow Cop Castle : A website collecting photographs of a local folly overlooking the Cheshire plain (in the UK).

  • niveKenotS: Kevin Stone's photography website.

Contact Us

  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Site History 2014

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   » The site is regularly updated with puzzles, illusions, games, etc (plus many changes and additions).
   »    Here are some of the larger changes in 2015:

  • Removed the requirement to be logged in to solve the extra large weekend puzzles.
  • Removed the right-click 'annoyance' from some of the Japanese-type logic puzzles.
  • HDD failure caused a few hours of downtime.
  • Added Whensat?
  • Renamed Daily Gubbins to Daily Puzzle Email


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