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Common Answers

Have you entered July's Common Answers?

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Difficulty: Hard

Puzzle 111

Fill in the missing numbers with the digits 1 to 9. A diamond shape in the middle means that the four numbers around it add to 20.

Each uses a different way to add to 20, i.e. if there is already 1 + 3 + 7 + 9, then there will not be another using the digits 1, 3, 7 and 9 (in any order).

The same digit isn't allowed to touch, even diagonally.

Puzzle Image

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[Ref: ZRSR] © Elliott Line
This puzzle appeared in Mensa's EnigmaSig (195.08) and is used with permission.

Difficulty: Easy

Puzzle 112

  • Place letters into the grid such that every row, column, and 2x2 block has letters (in any order) that form a common word.
  • Each letter is only used once, and no letter is repeated in the rows/cols/blocks.
  • Letters allowed: W A R M T H.

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[Ref: ZUII] © Alan Stillson and Frank Longo. 

Difficulty: Medium

Puzzle 113

During the recent BrainBashers cipher convention, a Morse code contest took place.

The contest consisted of a Morse code transmission where the spaces between the letters and words were missing.

Can you find the ten animals?











Luckily, BrainBashers has provided you with a listing of the Morse code characters. Good luck!


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[Ref: ZUZN] © Kevin Stone 

Difficulty: Medium

Puzzle 114

A grandfather and his grandson have the same birthday date.

For six consecutive birthdays the grandfather was a multiple of the grandson's age.

How old were each at the sixth of these birthdays?

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[Ref: ZGSR]  

Difficulty: Easy

Puzzle 115

Using the BrainTracker grid below, how many words can you find? Each word must contain the central M and no letter can be used twice. The letters do not have to be connected. Proper nouns are not allowed, however, plurals are. Can you find the nine letter word?

Excellent: 38 words. Good: 31 words. Average: 24 words.


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[Ref: ZLOU] © Kevin Stone 

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