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School Classroom Usage

Be careful to only choose puzzles that are attributed as ours, with © Kevin Stone, as we do not necessarily own the rights to the other puzzles and cannot give permission for their usage.

The Sudoku may also be used, more details can be found here.

As the puzzles are to be used within a classroom environment, it is not always practical to have © Kevin Stone against each puzzle. However, we ask that you make your audience briefly aware of copyright laws in-so-far as they are not allowed to pass the puzzles as their own.

Our material must not be used in any public forum, website or similar.

Permission is only given for a sensible number of puzzles per lesson, please do not compile resources using our material.

We'd love to hear from your class (or the teacher), by sending a postcard with your class name, school and general location, to:

c/o 57 Albert Street

We'd be very grateful if you could share your knowledge of BrainBashers within your school or local area, and make other teachers aware of the BrainBashers website.

No rights are transferred as a result of this agreement. All rights reserved. The puzzles MUST NOT be reproduced for financial gain and use of BrainBashers puzzles is subject to the site's terms and conditions, noting particularly your requirement to check the answers for yourself.



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