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BrainBashers Daily Sudoku

Solve a random Easy, Medium, Hard Japanese-type logic puzzle chosen from today's collection.
Note: If the puzzle doesn't look as it should try using 'Compatibility Mode'.


May 5, 2013 - Easy
© Kevin Stone

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Pencil Marks:
Simply enter multiple digits.

When your cursor is on the Sudoku grid, you can navigate in the following way:

  • Ctrl + Arrows
      Move around the grid
  • a
      Auto pencil marks
  • p
      Show a pinned square
  • Shift + #
      Show squares with a <#>

Note: not all options work on all browsers. The key choices may seem unusual, but the navigation has to avoid key presses that are reserved for the browser, for example we couldn't use CTRL+1 to highlight all squares that contain a <1> as this is opens the first window in Firefox, nor SHIFT+P as it is reserved for printing, etc. If you experience any problems, then please feel free to contact us

This Sudoku can be accessed directly using:

You can freely use this BrainBashers Sudoku image directly using:

Comprehensive Sudoku help is available if required. BrainBashers Daily Sudoku is available as an RSS feed and as part of the Daily Puzzle Email.

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Note: If there are no pencil marks on the current grid the system will prompt you to run an Auto pencil marks, remember that this may solve a few squares as numbers are eliminated. Pencil marks will not be printed it you've selected the starting grid.

Newspaper Print

The print suitable for a newspaper/newsletter is a fixed size. There are two images, the Sudoku puzzle itself and its solution (if it's a BrainBashers Sudoku).



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