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Difficulty: Medium

Puzzle Details:

Yesterday my mother asked me to buy some stamps. Stamps, in the land of BrainBashers, are available in 3p, 9p, 11p, 17p and 21p denominations.

For three types of stamp I was asked to buy eight of each. For the other two types of stamp, I was asked to buy nine of each.

Unfortunately I forgot which I was supposed to buy eight of and which to buy nine of.

Luckily my mother had given me the exact money required to buy the stamps, £5.00 and the shopkeeper was able to give me the correct stamps.

Which stamps did I buy?

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[Ref: ZNRA] © Kevin Stone 

Eight lots of 11p, 17p and 21p and nine lots of 3p and 9p.

The shopkeeper rightly figured that I required eight lots of each of the stamps, which came to £4.88, he also knew I required two more stamps which added up to the difference. QED.



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