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Difficulty: Medium

Puzzle 996

The local library decided to hand out some of its old books to its 1400 borrowers.

To each of the female borrowers they gave 6 books and to each male borrower they gave 4 books.

If only half of the females in town and three quarters of the males in town accepted the books, how many books were given away?

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[Ref: ZNXG] © Kevin Stone 

Difficulty: MediumPuzzle 997

The International Women's Speed Skating championship was recently completed, however, the computer storing the results suffered from a power cut. Using the following information, can you determine who finished where, their ages (18, 21, 24 and 28) and the colour they wore? The youngest, who didn't wear blue, won the championship. Jessica was three years younger than the person who wore red. Katy performed well to finish in second place. Lauren wore green and Mary was the oldest competitor. The person who wore yellow was younger than Katy, whereas the person who came last was 21.

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[Ref: ZSDO] © Kevin Stone 

Difficulty: MediumPuzzle 998

Using the letters AAEEHHLLLLMMNNOOSSTT complete this grid. The grid reads the same across as down.


























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[Ref: ZKQK] © Kevin Stone 

Difficulty: EasyPuzzle 999

Can you find a country which crosses both the Equator and one of the two tropics?

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[Ref: ZJVW]  

Difficulty: HardPuzzle 1000

In this sequence, which planet would be listed last:

Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Earth Mars ... ... ==?==

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[Ref: ZXEV] © Kevin Stone 

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