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Puzzle - Answer

The results for a recent Chess tournament between five close rivals is described below:

Dave finished before Adam.
Eileen finished after Betty.
Adam finished before Charles.
Eileen finished after Dave.
Betty finished before Adam.
Dave finished after Betty.
Charles finished before Eileen.

Who finished where?

 [Ref: ZJWJ] © Kevin Stone

Answer: Betty won, then Dave, Adam, Charles and Eileen.

By placing the person who finished higher to the left we have:

1. Dave finished before Adam         Dave    > Adam
2. Eileen finished after Betty       Betty   > Eileen
3. Adam finished before Charles      Adam    > Charles
4. Eileen finished after Dave        Dave    > Eileen
5. Betty finished before Adam        Betty   > Adam
6. Dave finished after Betty         Betty   > Dave
7. Charles finished before Eileen    Charles > Eileen

From 1 and 3:

   Dave > Adam > Charles

Adding 7:

   Dave > Adam > Charles > Eileen

Adding 6:

   Betty > Dave > Adam > Charles > Eileen

Which is the final placing for all of the players, and can double checked with the remaining clues.

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