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Nonogrids Help

Rules / Objectives Summary

  • Find all of the Black squares.
  • Each of the squares must be Black or contain an X.
  • Beside each row/column are listed the lengths of the runs, in order, of the Black squares in that row/column.

See the Walkthrough for extra tips and tricks.

Nonogrid Puzzle

What are the numbers for?
The numbers show you how many Black squares appear together in each Row/Column.

Move your mouse over the puzzle to see the answer.


Help 1

Step 1
This is the start of the puzzle.

Solve this puzzle for yourself at the same time.

Help 2

Step 2
Column 2 has a 4 clue, and no matter where these 4 are, these squares must be Black.

Help 3

Step 3
The 2 clue in Row 4 cannot reach these two squares, so they must be crosses.

Help 4

Step 4
Column 4 has a 2 and a 1, and as both cannot fit in the three squares above the cross, the 1 must be this square.

Help 5

Step 5
The 2 clue in Row 5 cannot reach these two squares.

Help 6

Step 6
The 4 clue in Column 2 completes with this square.

Help 7

Step 7
We've now found the 1 clue in Row 1, so these squares are crosses.

Help 8

Step 8
Wherever the 3 is in Column 3, these squares must be Black.

Help 9

Step 9
We've found the 2 clue in Row 4, so this square is a cross.

Help 10

Step 10
Which means that these squares are the 2 clue from Column 1.

Help 11

Step 11
We've found the 2 from Row 2, so this square must be a cross (otherwise there would be 3 Black squares for a 2 clue).

Help 12

Step 12
These squares must be the 2 from Row 1.

Help 13

Step 13
We've found the 1 in Column 5, so these must all be crosses.

Help 14

Step 14
These squares are all obvious. Row 2 must be a Black square to satisfy the 1 clue. Row 3 must be a cross as we've found the 3 Black squares required. Row 5 must be Black to complete the 2 clue.

Help 15

Step 15
The completed puzzle.


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