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NetworksBrainBashers Daily Network

Welcome to BrainBashers Daily Network. Network is a logic puzzle with very simple rules.

You can only access puzzles from the last ten days, so please choose a puzzle from below.


On Fridays, and during the weekend, you are treated to a large 16x16 puzzle, to keep you going that little bit longer.

Weekend Special


  • Your task is to unscramble the network. You have a network of computers that has been scrambled, rotate the squares such that every computer is connected to every other computer and every square is in the network.

  • Read the help/walkthrough page for a more detailed explanation and a walkthrough.

  • Wrap vs No Wrap. If your network has Wrap, then the network wraps off the edge of the grid, right to left, bottom to top, etc.

  • The 6 x 6 Wrap puzzles are probably the most difficult Network puzzle.


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