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NetworksBrainBashers Daily Network

Welcome to BrainBashers Daily Network. Network is a logic puzzle with very simple rules.


On Fridays, and during the weekend, you are treated to an extra large 16x16 puzzle, to keep you going that little bit longer.

Weekend Special


  • Your task is to unscramble the network. You have a network of computers that has been scrambled, rotate the squares such that every computer is connected to every other computer and every square is in the network.

  • Read the help/walkthrough page for a more detailed explanation and a walkthrough.

  • Wrap vs No Wrap. If your network has Wrap, then the network wraps off the edge of the grid, right to left, bottom to top, etc.

  • The 6 x 6 Wrap puzzles are probably the most difficult Network puzzle.


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