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Common Answers

Have you entered September's Common Answers?

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Net Slide Help

Rules / Objectives Summary

  • Unscramble and complete the network.
  • The completed puzzle is a single network of computers.
  • Every computer is connected to every other computer and every square is used in the network.

See the Guide for extra tips and tricks.

Net Slide

What are the arrows for?
Clicking these moves the entire Row/Column up or down, left or right. Until you've made one complete network.

The network doesn't cross the red lines.


Help 1

Tip 1
This is the start of the puzzle.

Solve this puzzle for yourself at the same time.

Help 2

Tip 2
The best (and only) way to learn how to solve these puzzles is to click the arrows and see which squares are moving where.

Help 3

Tip 3
You quite quickly get many squares correct. Once you're down to 2 remaining, then it gets quite tricky, and you have to find a way to swap them.

Help 4

Tip 4
This takes some luck at first, but after a while you'll crack it.


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