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BrainBashers Puzzle Print

Customer services at BrainBashers headquarters received the following letter recently.

Luckily our top puzzle solvers were able to determine the meaning and help Sam Smith.

Can you work it out what the problem was?

D:a: K:v:n,

: :::ld l:k: :: c:m:la:n ab::: :h: ::: ::: :f m: ::::::::::.

:h:s: l:::::s d: n:: a:::a: :: b: :::k:ng c::::c:l:.

As ::: can s::, :h:: a:: m:ss:ng f::m :h:s d:c:m:n:.

: :::ld b: v::: g:a::f:l :f ::: c::ld c::::c: :h:s :::bl:m :mm:d:a::l:.

K:nd ::ga:ds.

Sam Sm::h.

[Puzzle Code = ZLEL] Copyright © Kevin Stone

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