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Information For Teachers

We are very interested in reading any comments teachers might have. Perhaps letting us know how you use BrainBashers, any additions you'd like to see, or any other general feedback.

Our brains are very important, and we believe that daily mental exercise helps their development. We have created a special page for the puzzles that you can use with a class.

BrainBashers Puzzles For Schools
A special version of the puzzles' page that can be used live with a class. You can select the type of puzzle, and the level of difficulty.

Useful Pages

Brain teasers, puzzles and riddles.
Logic Puzzles
Including Sudoku, Slitherlink and Nurikabe.
Face Memory
How well can you remember faces?
How Old?
How long have you been alive?
A Billion Seconds
When will you be a billion seconds old?
USA States Game
Can you guess the state's name from its outline.
Optical Illusions
View the optical illusions.
Common Answers
A monthly contest where you guess the most common answer to ten simple questions. The whole class can enter using the class name as a league name.
Attention Test
How good is your attention? Can you count the correct number of basketball passes?
Day Of The Week
Which day of the week were you born on?
Follow Instructions?
How well can your students follow simple instructions?


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