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Puzzle Pot

What is the 'Puzzle Pot'?

The Puzzle Pot is a pot in which you place puzzles that you can then print. The system allows you to place a number of puzzles in the pot, which you can then print together. The alternative is to print a single puzzle at a time.

The Puzzle Pot is currently not in use.


Once activated, each time you select the 'Print' option against a puzzle, the system will add that puzzle to the pot. Once you have added a puzzle to the Puzzle Pot, the contents of the Puzzle Pot are shown to you. You can remove puzzles from the pot and print the contents at this point. If you wish to stop using the pot, return to this page and select 'De-activate', the 'Print Puzzle' option will then print a single puzzle.

The Puzzle Pot uses cookies to store the puzzles, if your Puzzle Pot refuses to fill, please check if your browser can use cookies.


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