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Puzzle IconDuring a recent plane and train spotting contest, five eager entrants were lined up ready to be tested on their spotting ability. They had each spotted a number of planes (26, 86, 123, 174, 250) and a number of trains (5, 42, 45, 98, 105). From the clues below, can you determine what colour anorak each was wearing, their position, their age (21, 23, 31, 36, 40) and the number of trains and planes spotted?

1. Simon spotted 44 fewer trains than planes.
2. Keith was 36 years old.
3. The person on the far right was 8 years younger than Simon, and spotted 174 planes.
4. James was wearing a beige anorak and spotted 37 trains fewer than Simon.
5. The person who was wearing a green anorak, was 19 years younger than the person to the left of him.
6. Steven spotted 105 trains and 250 planes.
7. The person in the centre was 31 years old, was wearing a blue anorak and spotted 42 trains.
8. Alan, who was on the far left, spotted 26 planes, and spotted 72 trains more than planes.
9. The person who was wearing a red anorak, was 4 years older than Keith and was not next to the person wearing a blue anorak.
10.The person who was next to the 31 year old but not next to the person who spotted 26 planes, was wearing a orange anorak, and spotted 45 trains.

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