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Daily Patchwords


  • BrainBashers Patchwords are kindly provided by Puzzle Baron's Patchwords and are included on BrainBashers with their full knowledge and permission.
  • Simply drag and drop tiles on to the grid.
  • All words in every row and column must be valid English words.
  • Combine your knowledge of everyday vocabulary with your skills in pattern recognition to solve each puzzle.

Tips & Tricks

Start Grid


We have to drag these 9 tiles into the grid to create 9 valid words, one in each row and column.

Wrong Solution

When solved every row and column will reveal a real word. Sometimes you have to be very careful, in this puzzle every word so far is valid, but we're left with a tile that doesn't make a valid word across the bottom.

Correct Solution

In the completed puzzle every word is valid. In this puzzle, the correct tile for the bottom left was already placed in the top right, and a simple swap completed the puzzle.


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