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BrainBashers Mazes

The BrainBashers mazes section is ever expanding as new material is sourced related to mazes. Some games are marked as belonging to BrainBashers Games (BBG) otherwise they are BrainBashers items.

Daily Printable Mazes

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Make over 8,000 different interactive rectagular mazes in many different sizes.

Maze Of Rooms


Can you find your way to the middle of this maze of rooms?

Maze Games

All of these Maze Games will take you to the BrainBashers Games website.

  Crazy Maze  
Can you move your pointer around this crazy maze?
  Jig Circle  
A circular twist on the jigsaw puzzle.
  Line Game  
Move your mouse and guide the line around the moving maze.
  Mouse 1.0  
Guide your mouse through all of the different obstacle laden levels.
  Mouse Avoider  
Move your mouse around the maze avoiding the obstacles.
  Mouse In Danger  
A mouse memory game where you have to guide the cursor through a hidden maze.
  Nightmares On Wax  
Move the boards to navigate your ball down through the mazes.
  Rat Maze  
Can you navigate your rat through the maze and find all of the cheese?
Navigate multiple mazes at the same time. Very tricky!
Navigate the simple mazes, but watch out, your mouse movement has been reversed! Very addictive!
  Reverse 2  
Navigate the simple mazes, but watch out, your mouse movement has been reversed.
  Running Mouse  
Use your mouse to guide Bluey the mouse around the tricky levels.
  Super Slyder  
Slide Slyder around the maze.


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