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Common Answers

Have you entered August's Common Answers?

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This item requires a version of Java - if you are having any problems, then please view our Java information page.

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  • The Codewords require Java and the Codeword engine will tell you when you have correctly completed the Codeword.
  • Please report any words that you think should not appear on BrainBashers.
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You have to complete the crossword-type puzzle by deciding which letters represent which letter. Simply click any letter in the grid, or the number on the left (or use the cursor/arrow keys) and enter a letter, all occurrences of that number will change to that letter.

If you click 'Clue' then the correct letter for the current number will be entered. 'Check' will reveal any mistakes you may have made.

We really like this puzzle as it really gets you thinking about possible words and it's a really good way of building vocabulary. Look out for double letters and always start by entering the three given letters into the answer grid.

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Score: 9/10


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