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Common Answers

Have you entered September's Common Answers?

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Common Answers - Rules

Here is a quick summary of the spirit of the game:

  • Answer each question with what you think will be the most common answer.

  • * IMPORTANT * If there is more than one way to describe, name, or spell the same answer, then choose the most common.

  • Spelling mistakes are not always corrected.

  • Answers do not have to correctly answer the question.


  • For each question, your score is the percentage of people who give the same answer as you. The scores for each question are then multiplied together to make your total and the highest total wins the contest.

  • Answer each question with the answer you think everyone else will give. If you don't understand a question, then ask us for clarification.

  • This isn't a general knowledge quiz. Correct answers are not always the most popular, so simply enter what you think everyone else will enter, making sure that you spell the word the most popular way as well. You're after the most popular answer, not the most correct.

  • A question with a very popular answer has more influence on the results than a question with a wider spread of answers.

Email policy

If you enter this month's Common Answers you agree to receive a number of emails:

  • An immediate email asking you to confirm this month's entry.

  • If you confirm your entry your results will be emailed at the beginning of next month.

  • If you enter this month's contest but haven't entered next month's, a reminder will be sent in the middle of next month.

Please note that registered users who are logged in when entering do not have to confirm their entries.


  • You must enter your correct full name (e.g. Kevin Stone and not K. Stone, or Ivor Bignose, etc). We may disallow entries, or change the name, where the name appears to be made up.

  • Spelling mistakes are not always corrected. If we think that you've entered an answer that is the same as another answer, we might change your answer to match the other. However, we don't always notice, or we might decide not to change any answers to certain questions. Therefore be careful with your spelling, as a mistake could ruin your chances of winning.

    In particular, if you're naming a person, a film, a book, etc, please make sure you enter the full name/title as these answers are not always changed, especially if we're not sure of your intended answer.

  • In general, answers will not always be considered equivalent.

    If there is more than one way to describe, name, or spell the same answer, then choose the most common.

     - RED and SCARLET are different.
     - RECTANGLE and PARALLELOGRAM are different.
     - RABBIT and BUNNY are different.
     - SEE YOU and SEE YA are different.
     - PHONE and TELEPHONE are different.
     - BUDDHIST (a person) and BUDDHISM (a religion) are different.
     - UK, GREAT BRITAIN, BRITAIN and ENGLAND are all different.

    But... we might change any of these answers to make them equivalent, but then again, we might not.

  • If the question requires a one-word answer then don't enter more than one word.

  • We reserve the right to change any answer if we think it will make the contest fairer, at our discretion, and without justification. E.g. we might make an UK answer equivalent to a American one, especially if it's a difference in spelling.

  • BrainBashers is a family friendly website and we reserve the right to remove any answer we deem unfit for such an audience.

  • Unranked? All answers will be used for scoring purposes, however, only answers that have at least 10 people entering them will appear in the results, all other answers will simply be marked as unranked.

  • Only the top 90% people will be listed on the final results, this number may be rounded.

  • The results may change at any point, for any reason, any email will only reflect your position at the time of the email's creation. The most recent result will appear on BrainBashers.

  • You are only allowed to enter once. If you enter more than once, all but one of your entries will be randomly deleted.

  • If you're registered and logged in, you can change your answers as many times as you like up to the end of the contest.

  • Each contest ends when the next one begins, usually around the first of each month. Make sure that you have confirmed your entry before the contest ends.

  • The names and answers of all entrants might be posted on the BrainBashers website at the end of the contest. In addition, the names of the top 20 entrants might be posted to a public newsgroup.

  • All contests are also subject to the site's terms and conditions. In all instances and in all matters our decision is final.


  • Registered users can be part of up to 5 leagues, simply log in, and edit your details to add the league names.

  • Make sure your friends use the same league name as you do.

  • Users have to have been registered and logged in when entering the previous contest.

  • You can join or leave a league at any time.

  • Anyone can use any league name, so if someone happens to use the same league name as you do, you'll see their results as well. So choose a league name few will think of.


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