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Have you entered June's Common Answers?

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Common Answers - June

Your challenge is to predict what will be the most common answer to each of the following questions.

Enter answers that you think most other people will also enter, using the most popular spellings for those answers. Please read the rules before entering. The contest ends, and the next one begins, on Wednesday, 1 July.

From recent results the average Common Answers entrant lives in the USA or Canada (~68%), the UK (~12%), Australia, India, along with entrants from a wide range of countries where people enjoy BrainBashers.

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1. Name a one-word rodent.   [Ideas]


2. Name a curved letter of the alphabet.


3. Name the number of rungs/steps on a ladder.


4. Name a one-word sport that two people play.


5. Name a way of making a piece of paper half its size.


6. Name the number of times that a person washes their hair in a week.


7. Name the day of the week that people eat the most snacks.


8. Name a one-word flower that can be yellow.


9. Name the number of patients that a busy doctor could treat in a single day.


10. Name a one-word large vehicle.


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Your country:

Make sure you read the rules before entering.

  • Enter as part of a league? See the rules on how to set up a league.
  • Spelling mistakes might NOT be corrected.
  • Answers are not generally considered to be equivalent.
  • Only the top 90% entries will appear in the results.

I have read, understood and agreed with the current privacy policy, terms and conditions and the rules for the contest. I give permission for my name and country and answers to appear on the internet (including BrainBashers, and public newsgroups).

If you were logged in you'd be able to change your answers as often as you like until the end of the contest.



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