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Site History 2004

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January 2004

Added the ability to view all of the Questions of the Week. Added the games to a database to make their management easier.

February 2004

Five years after securing the domain name BrainBashers, the original domain name Puzzles4U became available, and the site went back to its original name: www.puzzles4u.com. Added "Direct-Link".

March 2004

Added the Top 10 games. Modified the way the alternative illusion image is shown.

April 2004

Changed Wassat? to Wassat? Animal. Increased the number of crosswords to over 1,000. Corrected a bug in QOW that caused 'Error 500' at least 100 times a day. Added How Old Are You? Added a warning when the user plays a game that is not within the BrainBashers site. Added the ability to view the games in date-added order.

May 2004

Added an easier animal to Wassat? Animal. Illusions and New Stuff became database driven. Added an invisible page counter to all pages.

June 2004

Added the Visualisation Puzzles section.

July 2004

Corrected a problem with the page counters being reset. Added the vertical word 'ADVERT' to make it clearer that the adverts were nothing to do with the site.

August 2004

Added the ability to go to a random page or game within the site. Added the RSS data feed. Added "How Low Dare You Go?". Added 'Who Turned To..." to the fun stuff page. Started adding jigsaws and stereograms.

September 2004

The site was 7 years old this month. Completed adding jigsaws and stereograms. Completed changes within the site to become Section 508 and Bobby A Approved on key pages. Added the puzzle text to the daily puzzle subscription page.

October 2004

Corrected a small issue with WAP that may have stopped it from being viewed on some handsets. Added the domino game, this automates the solving of the dominoes on the table problem.

November 2004

Removed all of the frames to simplify the site to users and to make bookmarking easier. Added the first Sudoku puzzles.

December 2004

Created the now familiar snowy version of the site. Added the email confirmation to the monthly games to make sure users were serious about entering, and to encourage them to try their best.

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