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Common Answers

Have you entered August's Common Answers?

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Site History 2002

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January 2002

Added the ability to access key puzzles directly. Re-coloured the games' stars. Removed the link to find a sponsor. There were 32 games, 34 illusions and over 1,100 puzzles. The site gained its 100th award. Added the section of non-hosted games. Modified the site map to remove the names of the games as there were in excess of 40. Added the 'Other Games' section, which contained numerous third-party sites, which kept the bandwidth usage to a minimum.

February 2002

Added the 'Do Not Click' section. Merged 'Games' and 'Other Games'. Modified the way the terms and conditions is indicated.

March 2002

Added Four In A Row. Started the quest to find a new design. Added BB Super Quiz. Added adverts as an experiment. Added option of removing the banners for a given session.

April 2002

Removed any direct reference to brainbashers.com to prevent email spamming. Now show the date the puzzle was added to the system. Removed some of the games and loaded others from external sources to reduce bandwidth usage. Added the page in which you have to name the colour the words are printed in. Added 'Lines'. Added 'Pool'. Added the miscellaneous section.

May 2002

Utilised www.brainbashers.net to store the illusions and some of the games to spread the bandwidth load. Added 'Win-A-Goldfish'. Added 'Fool's Test'. Added 'Push It'. Added the feature for 'Honeycomb Hotel'. Added the 'Tell-A-Friend' option. Added the 'Missing Square' page. Re-added the rings page with two new rings.

June 2002

Added the 'Complete The...' contest. Added 'Chess'. Added the 'Intelligence Test'. Added 'Maze Of Rooms'. Added the 'Discussion Forum'. Added 'Mystery Animal'. Added 'Gandys Quest'. Added 'Common Answers'.

July 2002

Added 'Common Answers'. Correct/updated some of the pages, in addition, modified the topra.asp to load the advert more quickly. Added the 'Spiral Illusion'. Added the 'Common Sense' test, which tests how much common sense you have by asking a sequence of interrelated questions. Added 'Test For The Simple' an amusing arrangement of nonsensical puzzles. Added the first 'Cross Numbers' puzzle, created by Rainer Typke. Joined Commission Junction for a more varied advert selection. BrainBashers account with Zenithtech was cancelled due to perceived over usage and a new account with Parcom was set up to handle .net.

August 2002

2,142 entries for the first Common Answers contest. There were now 1,300 puzzles, 47 optical illusions and 70 games. Removed the thumbnails from the games page.

September 2002

The site was 5 years old this month. Changed 'brain teasers' back to puzzles. Modified the monthly contests to make the results easier to find. Modified the way external games are loaded to reduce the adverts shown while playing. Altered the main entry point images on the home page. Added 'What Can You See?'. Added 'Whosat?'. Re-added the ability to remove all adverts. Added the ability to easily print a single puzzle. Totalise stopped hosting and various shuffles took place. Re-added the Recent Top 10, which shows the Top 10 for puzzles added in the last 50 days. Modified titles to be textual links instead of graphical, to reduce bandwidth. Modified the puzzle selection page for easier 800x600 viewing. Added the historical snapshots of the site. Stopped indicating which games had been added as they were being added too quickly.

October 2002

Re-added Number Master. Collated the logic puzzles and started to feature work from www.puzzlersrest.com. Added Top 5 to the games page. Added the Puzzle Pot, the ability to build a shopping basket of puzzles to print. Changed the home pages' quick links to be textual instead of graphical. Added the BrainBashers Store (books and toys). Removed the 'Complete The...' contest due to difficulty in coming up with new phrases.

November 2002

Modified the way games are loaded and removed adverts from the puzzle pages and removed the ability to remove adverts. Added the long list of language equations. Created a new games page that simply lists the games in listboxes. Added the ability to print optical illusions.

December 2002

Created a Christmas version of the site. Added Word Wibble. Added the reactions test. Added ONE BILLION old. Added the category to the tell a friend section. Renamed 'Extras' to 'Fun Stuff'. Added the 'Pointless Box'. Added 'Internet Camera'.

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