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Site History 2000

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January 2000

Added a more prominent link to the disclaimer/copyright. Added the Hangman game and Word Search. Accidentally made the beta version of Hangman available for 2 days! Made the site easier to take off-line. Started to develop Battle Ships.

February 2000

Added the ability to vote in the negative. Corrected a bug in the puzzle selection that ignored the check boxes. Added Battle Ships and started BB Chess. All of the blue buttons were recreated. Site now emails the web master if an error occurs. Added BB Chess. Added the games section to the left. Small cosmetic tidies. Removed Extreme tracking and started to monitor the hits using ASP, this meant that no external sites were required to maintain and run the site. This also meant that unique referrer information was no longer being tracked - there were over 2,000 unique internet pages with a link to BrainBashers. Created a BrainBashers admin page to access chess/tracker/qow etc.

March 2000

Two new additions were added to the games arena: Letter Master and Brain Twister. The games text in the top right corner was added. The error trapping was changed to stop an email to tech support (which received 800 emails in 1 hour!), the errors were instead just trapped and a simple count was logged.

April 2000

Brain Buggle was added. Removed the puzzle selectors from the main page. Added the ability to skip pages. Added the 'Show Silly' section for puzzles with a twist. Modified some of the title texts to be images.

May 2000

The server was upgraded. BrainMaster was renamed to Letter Master. Number Master was introduced.

June 2000

Number Hunter was added. All index pages now escape other sites' frames. Cross Colours was added, the first game to use JavaScript. The games page was tickled to allow the current 11 games to be displayed. Increased the features available to BrainTicklers, including the enhanced puzzle selector and all of the games. Added a new answer engine. Some puzzles now ask the user to guess the answer, this makes sure that the user solves the puzzle! Checked all pages to remove BrainBashers from the BrainTicklers' site. Asked for comments in BB Chess. Modified the voting system to make identifying poor puzzles easier. Added 'Exact Phrase' to the search engine. Modified 'Email Puzzle' to prevent users from modifying emailed text. To overcome a Netscape bug, line.gif was made a background to a 100% table.

July 2000

Added Towers Of BrainBashers. Added a warning for users with older browsers who try to play the JavaScript games. Modified some of the puzzles to use a fixed-width font instead of <pre>. Corrected a problem that left BrainTicklers with a JavaScript error. Very Hard was introduced as a puzzle level, although no puzzles existed at this level. Added the Random Puzzle sequence option. Updated the terms and conditions to be a valid HTML page.

August 2000

Renamed silly to gotchas. Renamed Towers of BrainBashers to Tower Of Hanoi and researched the history of the story. Started the task of finding a sponsor. Added Brain Slider. Recreated the top left image with more clarity.

September 2000

The site was 3 years old this month. Corrected small bug in Top10. Added the ability to request an answer for an encrypted puzzle. Corrected a bug that stopped the random number generator working, hangman was giving the same word each time! Added the chat room. Added the ability to easily identify gotchas. Tidied up the main puzzles selection page. Enhanced the Battle Ship's ship placing algorithm.

October 2000

Added Higher / Lower. Added Card Magic. The playing card graphics are subject to GPL restrictions. Corrected a small bug in puzzles.asp that showed the answer to the random puzzle. Modified the method of pre-loading images. Modified the formmail PERL script to allow easier replies. Added the optical illusions section and modified a number of links to tidy up the navigation. Added more illusions and created a template for the pages. Modified the quick links on the main introduction page. The copyright notice was altered to prevent any material from being copied. Removed old version of Puzzles4U.

November 2000

BrainBashers host, Web-Choice, went out of business, without warning, and the site and all it contained, simply ceased to exist. Web-Choice took 4 days to let us know and the search for a new host took a number of days. This caused BrainBashers to be unavailable for 9 days. The BrainBashers website was moved to C I Host, a much larger host, and all features were re-enabled. The various email scripts had to be rewritten to use AspMail. The Top 10 counts were lost and had to be reset.

December 2000

What a month! BrainBashers new host, C I Host, were unable to supply us with a hosting service that could maintain the high standard that the site required. After much deliberation and downtime, a new host was located, Hostek. A number of key areas were altered to improve the service that BrainBashers provided. In particular the search was temporarily removed, the main puzzle routine was improved, the floating gizmo was removed, the mouseovers were removed from the optical illusions, a number of 'nice' features were disabled to improve bandwidth usage. A number of games were removed, Hangman, BrainMaster and Battle Ships. The search was rewritten to facilitate a speedier server response. Reduced the amount of data in the main puzzles file. Tidied up a few pages to make them load more quickly.

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